Here are the wonderful ladies from our group that attended the Stylin Against Breast Cancer event on April 24 in the Quad Cities. As you can see they were happily knitting as they passed out numerous prostheses! What a grand group!  We also continue to meet every Wednesday at UnityPoint Trinity Moline Cafe from 1:15 to 3:15.
Some of our knitters have gathered comments from knitters and modified the knitting instructions to more clearly explain how to knit breast prostheses.  Take a look at our Instructions page to see the new knitting instructions. 
Today we had 6 knitters (same number as last week, but some different names).  We gave away 4 breast prostheses.  One visitor stopped by after having lunch at the Trinity-Moline cafe.  She had not heard of us before, but has a friend living in Texas who knits.  She will be sending our contact information to her friend and we hope that a new group will be formed. 

We enjoy meeting new friends, so consider stopping by if you are in the neighborhood. 
Today we had 6 knitters.  We spent some of our time doing our inventory.  We have 185 in our inventory after giving out 70 today.  Some of the ones we gave out today were sent to California to a Physical Therapist who is starting a group there, but already had several requests.  Our group was happy to help them start their inventory. 

Just a reminder that knitting is not just a winter hobby. These prostheses are needed all year around, so knitting them doesn't stop in the hot summer months.  Many of our members knit while driving on their vacations.  The thanks we get from our users make all the effort well worth it. 
One of our founding members, Tove Cravens, has roots in Denmark.  She has been instrumental in spreading the word about the knitted breast prostheses that our group produces.  She translated the knitting instructions into Danish and has been participating in the Danish Facebook page for our Danish counterparts. 

Here is a link to the article (in Danish) praising our wonderful member.  (You can use Google Translated to get a loose translation of the article into English).

Some of our members attended the Styling Against Breast Cancer fashion show on Thursday, April 25.  They met many breast cancer survivors and passed out free breast prostheses. 

Here is the link to the KWQC-TV coverage of the event: